When there is something that you want, we don’t sit around and wait for it. One must CREATE it, and make it happen.

Have you noticed how often we are taught to believe that its best to wait for something to come to us? The kind of waiting that says “some day you will have this.” or “When you have achieved that, you will feel this.”

photo by Alexander Schimmek

Feminine and receptive? Yes, we are open to receiving these things, emotions or successes. Yet sitting around and waiting for this moments to just arrive keeps us small. Full receptivity is opening and blossoming while we tending the seeds we have planted.

We CREATE the space for our desire to fit.

The energy of attraction is that magnetic pull not just between people but between objects and ideas. Have you ever had something awkward happen to you? And then all you notice are more award or negative things that occur next?

If we want to have something in our lives, we have to create the space for it to live. As a parent, you don’t have a baby and expect them to sleep in a twin bed on its own with posters on the wall. You have prepared for that stage, and designed a nursery in a corner of your bedroom, or the spare bedroom of your dwelling. You create the space for the child to reside in, especially with all the nesting that comes in the last month or two.

This is no different for anything else we want.

You want more energy? Are you using energy now? Building energy to go run a 5k doesn’t happen while you sit on the couch and wait for the race deadline.

Do you want more money? Find a job? Just waiting for it to come to your doorstep is a folly. You have to put yourself out there, know what you want and look for it.

You want to feel loved and supported by those around you. How are you supporting the people in your life right now?

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Let’s get Wild!

Grab yourself a journal, or a spare piece of paper.

  1. What do you want? Name it, be specific.
    • Ex: I want to be physically stronger
  2. What does this look like already?
    • Ex: I feel pretty weak.
  3. How can you move 1% towards your goal?
    • Ex: I can stretch every day to get my muscles ready
    • Ex: I can find a YouTube video to learn about my muscles
  4. Be Consistent. Do something every day to nurture your goal.
    • Ex: find an accountability partner, join a gym, daily movement etc

I would love to hear what you are working on. Leave a comment below on what you are going to create!

By Janelle

Bringing Strength and Fun to the everyday routine.

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